Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Thoughts (Friday Edition)

Lately our after-breakfast routine involves turning on the Beatles Yellow Submarine CD and jamming/playing/dancing for 45 minutes.  My kids are learning some killer dance moves and all the words to "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds".  This pleases me.

Right now Noah and Yemma are still taking a morning nap for about 45 minutes.  This is a good thing because it means I can take a shower while Caleb watches Super Readers and Dinosaur Train.  I'm trying to figure out what to do when Noah won't take a morning nap.  This is happening soon if it hasn't already happened.  Caleb is capable of sitting on his own for 20 minutes without getting into mischief.  Noah, not so much.

Speaking of sleeping, tonight we turned Noah's bed into a Big Boy Bed! and put it in Caleb's room.  We now officially have a boy's room and girl's room.  If I don't get any sleep tonight, you'll know why.

We picked up our car tonight after getting a new transmission.  We bought the car three years ago and it needed a new one then.  We had a service contract on it that lasted for 3 years and would cover the transmission.  Yet every time we took the car in they told us the transmission was fine.  Well, two days ago when we took it in they finally told us it needed to be replaced.  And the service contract expired today.  Woot woot!  Sometimes things really do work out.

Yemma has discovered she can take off her pants and her diaper during her nap.  This does not please me.  But not so fast, little girl.  I know how to fight this battle.  And it involves duct tape.

I guess most of my random thoughts involve toddlers and sleeping.  Such is my life right now.  Doesn't everything revolve around toddlers and sleeping?

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Allison said...

YOU BLOGGED!!! I have to say, I've been missing those little windows into your life. I love your after-breakfast routine. Get 'em started young, that's what I say. And of course everything revolves around toddlers and sleeping. Until everything revolves around school-aged kids and homework. I hope you got some sleep last night, with the boys in the room together. Trust me, eventually you only have to ask them three or four times a night to stop talking and go to sleep.